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PMEMetalSheds 8 x 8 FT Apex Metal Shed 257 x 257 CM Garden Storage Shed Kit

PME8x8-AR Apex Metal Shed 8’ x 8’

– PMEMetalSheds China Metal Garden Shed Supplier

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PME Apex Metal Shed 8 x 8 ft Description

Model: PME8x8-AR

PME is China metal shed manufacturer of different metal shed sizes. PME8x8-AR apex metal shed 8 x 8 ft is made from durable painting galvanized steel sheet. Giving a tough external finish, the coated metal shed will last for years and maintenance free. PME metal garden shed 8 ft x 8ft features double sliding doors and four air vents both at the front and rear of the metal building. It prevents a buildup of condensation in the roof space that can cause a very damp atmosphere in lesser sheds. When you store your garden furniture, motorcycle, bikes and other outdoor belongings in PME 8 ft x 8 ft garden shed apex roof, they are well protected and sheltered from the elements, even in bad weather. To provide a quick assembly of your PME metal storage shed, apex metal garden shed anchor kit is provided. Enjoy your DIY metal garden shed assembly during your weekend. Assembling all panel and roof together, you will feel it is a great tough building.


PME Apex Metal Shed 8 x 8 ft Features

  • Fast & Easy Assembly – PME8x8-AR 8’ x 8’ Apex Metal Shed Assembly Instructions and Manual show you how to assemble metal garden shed easily. All components of Apex Meat Shed 8 x 8 ft are individually numbered and pre-drilled for ease of assembly.
  • Lockable sliding doors of PME8x8-AR Metal Storage Shed secure your outdoor elements in places and safely while maintaining a clean, presentable look for your patio. PME Metal Shed Lock is on sale separately
  • Metal Garden Shed Foundation Kit for PME Metal Shed 8ft x 8ft gives you a fast and low cost way to create a floor for the inside of your new shed. Metal Shed Floor Frame Kit 8 x 8 ft is available purchased optionally.
  • PME Apex 8 x 8 Metal Shed Storage Kits can be dispatched by a specific package Mail Packing for online sales.


PME Apex Metal Shed 8 x 8 ft Technical Specifications

  • Double Sliding Doors, 2 Vents
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 257 x 257 x 178 cm
  • Material: 0.25mm Galvanized Color Board Shed
  • Roof Style: Apex Roof Metal Garden Sheds
  • Color: Yellow + Coffee; Light Green + Cream; Dark Green + White; Anthracite + White; Grey + White
  • Function: Garden Outdoor Storage


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