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PME213x196-PR Pent Metal Shed 213 x 196 CM Box Garden Storage Shed

Model: PME213x196-PR

Series: PME-MS-E01

Specificity: Small Covered Porch, Box Garden Shed, Prying Eyes


PME Pent Metal Shed 213 x 196 cm Specifications

Material: 0.25mm Galvanized Color Board Shed

Double Sliding Doors, 2 Vents

Dimensions (W x D x H): 213 x 196 x 186 cm

Roof Style: Pent Roof Metal Garden Shed

Color: Yellow + Coffee; Light Green + Cream; Dark Green + White; Anthracite + White; Grey + White

Function: Garden Outdoor Storage, Garden Tool Shed, Metal Tool Shed, House Garden Shed

PME213x196-PR is large, spacious, and beautiful metal shed. This box house garden shed store and protect your garden tools from rain and snow.


PME Pent Metal Shed 213 x 196 cm Features

Fast & Easy Assembly – PME213x196-PR Pent Metal Shed 213 x 196 cm Assembly Instructions show you how to building your steel building easily. All components of PME Pent Meat Shed 213 x 196 cm box metal garden shed are individually numbered and pre-drilled for ease of assembly.

Lockable sliding doors of PME213x196-PR Box Garden Metal secure your outdoor elements in good order and safely while maintaining a clean, presentable look for your garden.

Floor Foundation Kit for PME Metal Shed 213 x 196 cm gives you a fast and low cost way to create a floor for the inside of your new shed. Shed Floor Kit 213 x 196 cm is available purchased optionally.


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